Abuse of Discretion by Kenneth M. Levine is a 93k-word thriller that combines the suspense of Jack Carr’s writing, with the legal insights of Scott Turow’s work.

Growing up on Nantucket Island, Matt, Jamie and Tom were all surrounded by the rich and well-connected but have little else in common. Matt was a drop-out from the wrong side of the tracks, while Tom was the star athlete of their high school. When a friendship unexpectedly develops between them, and Matt and Jamie enter into a relationship too, they find a shared comradeship they didn’t know they needed.

The lives of the trio later diverge as Tom enters politics, Jamie becomes one of the most prominent IP lawyers of her generation, and Matt spends several years in prison for the accidental killing of a police officer. Returning to Nantucket and beginning to get his life back on track as the captain of a fishing boat, he soon finds himself accused of a crime he didn’t commit––a politically-motivated murder that will bring both Tom and Jamie back into his life, and put his at stake…

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